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Ananda UrbanTech partnered with Drone Academy Thailand to encourage young Thai drone athletes to becoming the world drone champions”

Ananda UrbanTech teamed up with Drone Academy Thailand to launch “Road to International Drone Competition 2019 powered by Ananda UrbanTech” project which provide support to encourage Thai athletes to compete on a global stage to reach four world drone flying championship tournaments. There will be 4 world tournaments in 2019 namely: 1. Singapore Amazing Flying Machine (Singapore) 2. Drone Odyssey Challenge (Singapore); 3. Alpha Pilot by Lockheed Martin (USA); and, International Drone Sports (South Korea). Thailand is sending 20 athletes to participate in these 4 competitions.

Dr.John Millar, Chief Strategic Development Officer of Ananda Development Public Company Limited “Ananda UrbanTech believed that the future and prosperity of Thailand is to encouraging young people to get excited and enthusiasm about the technology. Drone has been playing an important role, starting from the Thai education and developing to the various industrial businesses. We believe that our partnership with Drone Academy Thailand and supporting their mission of encouraging Thai athletes to compete on a global stage to becoming the world’s champions is the future of Thailand’s prosperity. More importantly, we would like to support these young athletes to be role models and inspire other young Thai people to pursue their passion on new technology.

Mr. Prayuth Maneechote, President of Drone Association of Thailand ‘“Drone Association of Thailand is a non-profit organization with a commitment to develop Drone technology in the country concerning the future world’s advancement. By promoting and making progress toward such goals in the societies, among personals as well as communities, the spark of interest will lead to the benefit of skills development which appropriates the Thailand 4.0 policy. In the past, we have produced many experienced and skillful racers as Thailand representatives to compete on international level whose work has built a good reputation for the country and has introduced the sport to a wider audience. On behalf of Drone Association of Thailand, I am delighted that Thailand’s Drone Sport will be taken to another level. Regarding the “Road to International Drone Competition 2019 powered by Ananda UrbanTech” project, the Associate hopes that it will become a significant step to the country’s changes in diverse fields.”

Mr. Chanyawat Chartanuluck, Director of Drone Academy Thailand said that “Drone Academy Thailand is very pleased to receive the support and cooperation from Ananda UrbanTech in “Road to International Drone Competition 2019 powered by Ananda UrbanTech” project throughout this whole year because last year Thailand, sending athletes to compete on international stages, earned many victories and praise-worthy performances; hence, global-level Drone competitions during this year are highly crucial to Thai Drone racers as well as the country. Therefore, when a kind-heart investor reaches out to help, racers’ ability to practice and prepare for each tournament is exponentially increased.”

Thai athletes will be participating in 4 championships. The first tournament during 14-15 March is Singapore Amazing Flying Machine Competition (SAFMC 2019) hosted in Singapore are Drone Assembling and Flying competition which has been organized for as long as 15 years already. The second tournament from 5-7 July also located in Singapore called Drone Odyssey Challenge is among the very first youth Drone competitions. The third tournament, ALPHA PILOT by Lockheed Martin, is a Drone Programming competition where contestants write codes to fly Drone by themselves. This tournament grants the most prize money in the world with a total of USD 1 million (approximately 31 million Baht) and it will be competed on 1 August in the United States of America. The fourth and last tournament set to organize in South Korea is International Drone Sports which is also the biggest Drone tournament in the world where racers compete on the basis of speed. 20 athletes from Thailand will participate in these 4 events during the 2-day competition on 15-16 September,

“Road to International Drone Competition 2019 powered by Ananda UrbanTech” project receives support from Drone Association of Thailand, Drone Academy Thailand, Civil Aviation Training Center, Ananda Development Public Company Limited, TrueSpace, Microsoft, IMPACT Speed Park, Thai AirAsia